Under Slab Plumbing Repair

Broken water pipes or sewer drain lines under your Houston house slab? Do you need an experienced company to provide under slab tunneling plumbing repairs?

You’re in luck. Tunnel Now for Plumbing, Excavation and Trenching provide tunneling and excavation services to help you fix broken water pipes, sewer lines, slab leaks and more.

Tunneling Services for Under Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Assistance

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Under Slab Plumbing Repair in Houston TX

As a leading provider in the Construction Industry, Tunnel Now and its team of experienced professionals are here to attend to all of your dirt work needs! Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right.

Our track record for consistency, timely service, and affordable rates for digging, tunneling, trenching, grading & leveling, clearing, backfilling and other excavating services possible to overcome.

Under Slab Plumbing Problems?

Our services include hand digging tunnels, trenches and excavation for plumbing, electrical and foundation repairs.

An under slab leak problem in Houston can cause costly damage to your home and the foundation. That’s when you want to call our tunneling company.

We work with plumbing companies, electricians, foundation repair contractors and individuals needing help with under slab tunneling, excavation, trenching and pier drilling.

If you suspect that you may have a leak, your plumber can locate the leak. After locating the leak, your plumber will have to gain access to it in order to make the repairs. In some cases, this means breaking a hole in the slab with a jackhammer, which can create a lot of dust and damage the flooring covering the concrete slab (tile, wood, marble, etc.).

under slab tunneling plumbing repair

Our company offers water and sewer line installation to commercial as well as residential customers.

Using our top-of-the-line equipment, our highly skilled technicians are trained to dig and lay pipes in a variety of soil types and landscapes. Whether you are working on constructing a new site, or have old pipes in need of replacement or repair, TunnelNow.com is equipped to handle the job with years of experience.

There are three main causes of pipe damage in water and sewer lines: 1) lack of preventative maintenance; 2) environmental changes, and 3) the deteriorating effects of time on aging pipes.

TunnelNow.com team of experienced hard dig specialists are committed to providing quality, top-of-line backhoe and bobcat service to its public and private sector customers. We use state of the art digging machines and can ensure a safe dig every time.

Trenching is our main line of business. It generally involves digging trenches for underground utility installation, water, and sewage installation, or other drilling projects. In addition to that, our machines and hand digging specialists can handle almost any type of dig your project requires.

Our Other Services:

  • Water & Sewer Installation
  • Dry Utilities
  • Concrete Cutting and Breaking
  • Core Drilling
  • Horizontal Boring
  • Right of Way Operations
  • Underground Line Locating
  • General Trenching
  • Backfill and Compaction
  • Patch-Back Concrete and Asphalt
  • Material Haul Off

We proudly service the following areas: We service League City, Pearland, Friendswood, Pasadena, Deer Park, Clear Lake, Channel View, Baytown, Webster, Dickinson, Alvin, Rosharon, Aldine, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Cypress, Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, Montrose, Missouri City, Montrose, Midtown, River Oaks, The Heights, Katy, Memorial, Piney Point Village, Sugar Land, Richmond and surrounding Houston Texas areas. If you don’t see your area listed. Give us a quick call to see if we can get out your way for a quote.

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Under slab Re-Route & Underground Sewer Line

We assist plumbers in Houston and other Texas areas to hand excavate and hand dig trenches and tunnels to allow the licensed professionals access under the house slab to make plumbing repairs. In some cases, the plumber will need to re-route (rerouting) of the customer’s underground sewer line and water pipes.

Tunnels and trenches will be backfilled with the same material that was removed by our tunneling experts usually the same day or as directed by the plumbing contractor. We invite you to contact us at 713-321-2657 for free consultation and cost estimate.

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